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Since 2009, Marketplace Care Canada has provided Employee Care Teams comprised of male, female and ethnically diverse care team members to serve and care for the employees and family members related to personal problems or issues of public and private companies all across the great and diverse land of Canada.
     Marketplace Care Canada develops trusting relationships with employees through regularly scheduled, weekly worksite visits. Care team members are not only available to respond to the crises and tragedies of life, but are also there to provide support and encouragement for employees or family members on a voluntary to use, confidential basis.
     Marketplace Care Canada currently serves companies in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick.
 The first company to hire Marketplace Care was Troyer Enterprises, in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Since Steve Troyer opened up his businesses to Marketplace Care Canada in 2009, he has been involved in growing the care team member service inside the country and has seen it expand to a wide variety of companies. Steve says, “For many years I have used Marketplace Care Canada for my employees and it has been a great benefit for all,” Troyer said. “They will talk with a care team member, a third party, as an insider yet still an outsider.”
     “God used Steve Troyer to open the door to Canada for our service in the workplace,” added Dan Truitt, Director of Staff Care and Spiritual Vitality, who helps oversee some of Marketplace Care Canada in the eastern portion of the country. “He is truly a man of God, with a heart for people.”
     The largest Marketplace company served in Canada is Cashco Financial headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, with 72 locations. “Over and over again we are amazed at the impact that Marketplace Care Canada has had with our people. Repeatedly I hear from our staff that this one act of having a care team that visits on a regular basis shows the company cares. Every visit is impacting lives. Every visit is caring in action. That’s impactful. The Marketplace Care team is our words in action,” said Cashco Financial CEO Tim Latimer.
     “Over the past two years, the significant service utilization by staff at Cashco Financial has proven that Marketplace Care Canada can make a measurable difference in their employees’ lives through confidential discussions and proactive care,” said C. G. Maclin, Marketplace Care Canada, President of International Services.
     From large and diverse to family-owned and compact, dozens of Canadian companies have used Marketplace Care to help their employees and family members in the stress of their lives. Wherever they serve, from factory floors to pristine offices, the care and concern for employees and their family members is the same.
 "Life matters when you are heard. This is what we experience at Columbia Cabinets, with the help and support of Marketplace Care Canada,” said company owner Bud (Reinhard) Loewen of his company’s experience in British Columbia.
     Mark Bylsma, owner and president of Spring Creek Carriers in Ontario praised the work of the care team members for his cross country network of drivers and routes.
     The addition of Cashco Financial in 2014 and their dozens of locations allowed Marketplace Care Canada to hire its first full-time employee Seeon Smith. He provides on-site leadership to the growing work in Canada.
     Smith, who is based in Edmonton, close to the Cashco Financial headquarters, said he felt a definite calling to help others in the workplace and felt Marketplace Care Canada was the best way to accomplish it. One of his major roles is finding and hiring new care team members.
     “When I am looking for a team member, I look for individuals who have significant relational life experiences, coupled with a Christ-transforming faith,” Smith said. “If they have pastoral or counseling experience, this is a bonus. Most of the people we interact with don’t care about our faith or our credentials. They just want to know if they can trust us with the matters pertaining to their lives.”
     Increased productivity, retention, attendance, safety and teamwork with greater personal value are all positive results companies have realized by forming a “partnership of caring” with Marketplace Care Canada and Marketplace Chaplains USA—the largest North American chaplaincy provider.
 But more important than names or numbers of companies are the hundreds of lives impacted in Canadian companies from border to border.
     A care team member was asked to follow up with an employee who took ill at a site location. Upon following up at the site location, it was discovered that several employees were visibly shaken at the thought that a fellow co-worker almost died on the worksite,” said one Care Team Report from a CashCo location.
     “The care team member visited with the employee while in hospital. This visit was welcomed by the employee, but it was also a shock to the family members. They said, ‘We have never heard of an employer providing a service like this for their employees.’”
     “I'm thankful for the opportunity to listen to people and encourage others to keep forging onward when things are tough,” another care team member reported.
     The chance to help and minister in the workplace and outside the walls of a company are a unique partnership between visionary Canadian company CEOs and Marketplace Care Canada. May the service continue to expand from west to east across Canada as more companies catch the vision of providing employee care through the use of Employee Care Teams. “We continue to explore new methods to expand across Canada and are encouraged with recent new company additions and opportunities,” reported Maclin.
     For more information on Marketplace Care Canada go to www.mcares.com or call 1-888-488-7007 or contact C.G. Maclin at cgmaclin@mchapca.com.